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Neglected Children: Case Study of Public Attitudes toward Children with HIV AIDS in 6 (Six) Sub-Districts in Surakarta

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Behavioral and Social Sciences


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Sholikhah, Latifah Maratun (School: Cascia Hall Preparatory School)

This is research on public attitudes toward children with HIV AIDS (ADHA). This study aims to determine: 1). What is the societies’ attitudes towards ADHA in Surakarta; 2). What are factors affecting the formation of those attitudes. This is a qualitative study with descriptive analytical methods supported by quantitative data. Data collection methods were interviews, questionnaires, observation, and literature. This study found that there is a public’s tendency of discriminatory attitudes to the ADHA’ s existence in Surakarta, where it can be seen from the societies’ attitudes such as: stay away, feel apathy, do social isolation, and practice harassment. The existence of social attitudes are influenced by two factors: internal and external. Internal factors which are embedded in each individual who are built by their knowledge and experiences, while external factors can be influenced by public opinion, information from mass media, and less effective health campaign conducted by the government. In conclusion, the societies’ attitudes toward ADHA can be changed into a more positive attitude by increasing efforts to eliminate the stigma that had been embedded in the community. One way deemed most appropriate to eliminate the stigma is through a participatory approach involving government to change the mind set of society.

Awards Won:
Fourth Award of $500
American Psychological Association: Certificate of Honorable Mention