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Epi-Phone Auto-Locator

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Embedded Systems


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Van Houten, Maya

Many allergies can induce anaphylactic shock leaving one disoriented. The current response to anaphylactic shock is the administration of epinephrine via an auto injector followed by a trip to the hospital, but for some this shock inhibits contact with emergency services preventing full treatment. Currently there is a need for an epinephrine auto injector that has the capability to contact emergency services when one cannot on their own. The Epi-Phone Auto-Locator fills this need. Using a FONA 808 GSM shield the Epi-Phone contacts emergency services and provides its current GPS location. The Epi-Phone functions as an attachment to an epinephrine auto injector activating when the injector is removed from the housing.The Epi-Phone stands alone and does not require any other cell device to activate. Once activated, the Epi-Phone obtains its GPS location and inserts that information into a pre programmed message notifying emergency services of the location and severity of the situation.

Awards Won:
Fourth Award of $500