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Lipid Structures in Microelectromechanics(Mems) and Their Use in the Drug Delivery

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Biomedical Engineering


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Ionescu, Andrei (School: Colegiul National Mihai Viteazul Ploiesti)
Ulian, Serghei (School: Liceul Teoretic International de Informatica Bucuresti)

Knowing the microelectromechanical and thermodynamics properties of the lipid bilayer (for example those from the structure of the cell membrane) we are trying to conduct a theoretical and experimental research on lipid applications in the field of MEMS (Microelectromechanics) and and a possible procedure of drug delivery directly in the damaged cells. At this moment, this project is mainly theoretical but we think that in the near future we can develop a possible collection of miniaturized motors in analogy with the study of cytoplasmic movement. In our daily life we deal with different health problems. For these, most treatments are based on a combination of pills. This mixture can damage our body and affect our lifestyle. For this problem we think that we can develop a new method in DDS (Drug delivery system) to increase their efficiency, the effect of the treatment and a better compatibility for our body. We can estimate some practical objectives but those do not cover all the applicative field aspects: MEMS: - Electrostatic micromotors. - Microelectromechanical issues such as; micro and nano-bearings, micro and nano-support guides. - Micro or nano electrostatic movements. DRUG DELIVERY: - Geometric models - Rheological micromechanical models(Rheological micromechanical models assimilates both the lipid support structure and the drug structure as a continuous medium) - Microelectrostatical models Both, the lipids microelectromechanical (MEMS) project and the drug carrying project in injured cells are a complex research topic that deserves further development with extensive applicability in the field of engineering and pharmaceuticals.