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Solar Efficiency Cover-Up: Solar Panel Protective Cover Effects on Efficiency

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Cinitis, Davis (School: Riga State Gymnasium No. 2 )

As we know, fossil fuels aren't for ever that's why we are more decisively turning to renewable energy. Solar energy is one of the main power sources in that industry and they are great but they are far from ideal, especially in energy-efficiency. I made a study on their protective covers and how they affect both overall and energy efficiency. By researching different materials, structures and colors, their energy-efficiency, UV absorption and many different aspects, I concluded that the surface area and structure can be used to considerably improve energy-efficiency of the whole panel but there is a lot of vital research to be done to find the optimal structures and areas to maximize the capitalization on this property because it would be a great innovation in the solar-panel industry that could also be introduced with an ease for the manufacturers.