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Design of the Onboard Computer "CERBER"

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Shoitov , Ivan (School: Murmansk Polytechnic Lyceum)

1. What is onboard computer “CERBER”? The onboard computer “Cerber” is a hybrid device combining several different systems, such as security system, anti-theft device, a system for monitoring and caching travel data, and a multimedia system. 2. Description of systems: -The safety system of the onboard computer "Cerber" is an algorithm for scanning the technical parameters of the car, such as tire pressure, oil level and other means of CAN tires. If any parameters reject from the standard, the on-board computer will inform the owner of the car about it. 3. Advantages of the onboard computer "CERBER" In the course of the work, we found out onboard computer "Cerber" can surpass analogues, as it is characterized by: • the presence of hybrid functional system; • the capacity to monitor, control and cache travel data; • the unlocking system with NFC and fingerprinting; • the possibility of autonomous work; • the ability to track the location of the car; • the capacity to control the movement area of the car; • low cost in comparison with analogues.