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Motion Activated Auditory Deterrents to Prevent Wildlife Vehicular Collisions Along High-Density Wildlife Crossing

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Animal Sciences


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Yeary, Maegan (School: J.W. Nixon High School)

The purpose of this experiment is to engineer a device that could be placed into a real wildlife environment with the ability to deter wildlife from crossing roads to avoid wildlife vehicle collisions, and at the same time, conserve sound pollution and preserve a safe and natural environment by only playing sound when motion is detected. In order to test this project, the speaker/sensor was placed along the road way so that as a vehicle passes, motion is detected, and the speaker would play the frequency of sound to deter O. virginianus from the roadway. Data was recorded when the O. virginianus were exposed to motion created frequencies. In conclusion, my data was positive and the reactions to the frequencies deterred the wildlife from the roadways.