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RDS of Things: Using RDS Technology for Smart Cities

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Embedded Systems


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Kutlay, Atalay (School: Ankara Ataturk Lisesi)

Living in big cities is getting harder every day. Local governments are trying to find new solutions with smart city concepts to make more livable cities. However, smart city concepts are facing many challenges because of the technologies used for them, such as LoRaWAN, 2G, and 3G. These technologies are expensive and difficult to implement in large areas. With cheaper and easy to implement, FM RDS technology is more effective in some specific applications. Many people are using FM RDS technology in daily life, such as in their cars, phones and FM radio receivers to get the station name or “now playing song” text. In this project, a new usage of FM RDS technology has been proposed for smart cities. The proposed system has been tested extensively with multiple aspects including usability, reliability, costs, and scalability. A prototype system has been developed for experimental results and the results have been compared with other technologies.

Awards Won:
K. Soumyanath Memorial Award: First Award of $3,000