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Captain Smartphone

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Engineering Mechanics


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Otero, Ivan (School: Escuela Technica Carmelo Anexo (ERCNA))
Perez, Santiago (School: Escuela Technica Carmelo Anexo (ERCNA))

The research deals with the study of the drags produced by different types of catamaran hulls sailing in different conditions (Calm waters, wind dejection, current drift and waves action). Four fiberglass models were tested recording their acceleration while being towed in an experimental pool using a Smartphone acceleration sensor. The analysis of the recorded values allowed the identification of the hull which presented less resistance in navigation. Research results may have a considerable impact in ship construction as they imply energy saving. Experienced obtained will be transferred to future research in different types of boats or to modifications in existing hulls, looking for greater efficiency in sailing costs. To impulse a ship with a lesser drag will allow researching dealing with ships using only clean energies, or a combination of clean and traditional energies (fuel engines).