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Biopsychosocial Impact in Mayan Adults with Type 2 Diabetes in Yucatan

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Behavioral and Social Sciences


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Ceballos Torres, Jesus (School: Escuela Preparatoria Dos)
Zavala Perez, David (School: Escuela Preparatoria Dos)

Diabetes is one of the main public health problems due to the high number of incidents and mortality in all the world. According to the International Diabetes Federation in 2017 there were 425 million adults with diabetes, for 2016 in Mexico 9.4% of the population suffered this disease. A qualitative study was carried out with a phenomenological approach by theoretical saturation through a semi-structured interview carried out to 20 older adults belonging to the Mayan culture, the ages ranged from 41 to 80 years, with the aim of analyzing life experiences, before and after the diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, in a community of Yucatán in southeastern Mexico. Using the cognitive process of Janice Morse, eight main categories were identified in the discourse of the subjects: life before diagnosis, changes in diet, perception of complications, treatment following, negative emotions, worries and fears, beliefs of self-care and the disease, family support; which were classified into 3 spheres: socio-spiritual, psychological and biological. Likewise, it was observed that interviewed persons suffered a drastic change in their lives after the diagnosis, arising the need of the family support to overcome the disease. We propose a holistic treatment that encompasses not only the biological, but also the psychological and social aspect of these people. We propose a holistic treatment that encompasses not only biological, but also psychological and social aspects of this people.