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Biomass Energy as a Means of Electrical Production

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Energy: Chemical


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Cruz Perez, Daniel (School: Veinte de Julio)
Morales Diaz, Angela (School: Veinte de Julio)

This research arises from the discussions generated in the biology classes, the need to investigate technologies that minimize the negative effects in social and environmental contexts was raised. Different types of sustainable energies were investigated, such as: solar source energy. In the research, it was discovered that these energy sources are contaminants; therefore, it was asked about the biomass energy generated with living plant material, which has natural "photovoltaic cells" as leaves. The research question was posed, aimed at the search for energy production from plants (biomass), through assembled prototypes at Institution Veinte de Julio, to contribute to the solution related to energy deficiency. Several bibliographical sources were consulted to acquire knowledge about the biomass energy generated from the living material, its storage and transformation to electrical energy through natural processes. For the tests, an experimental electrical system was installed with an assembled circuit, adapted to conduct electricity through electrodes. To carry out the experimentation process, all the elements were organized inside a garden adapted by hand in an outdoor garden, which requires LED bulbs of no more than 6 vol.