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Effect of Traditional Organic Technique (BAMI) in the Development of Cucumber Plants of Cucumis sativus L

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Plant Sciences


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Rios-Hidalgo, Luis (School: Liceo Unesco)
Segura-Marin, Yaricsa (School: Liceo Unesco)
Segura-Marin, Prisly (School: Liceo Unesco)

In response to agrochemical contamination, the traditional technique “Bamboo - Treacle” or “BAMI” is proposed, as organic fertilizer to influence the development of the cucumber plant. The bamboo selected due to its larger size was Dendrocalamus asper a clonefrom Thailand. The method used is based on the comparison of the results on the development of the plant for the following treatments. Organic treatments: BAMI, treacleand treacle; and the inorganic nitrogenated fertilizer treatment with: n 10 30 10 Also, the quantity of bamboo required to obtain the highest plant hormone extraction directly affecting the development of the plant, will be analyzed. A greater development of the cucumber plant is expected when bamboo is added to the treacle as fertilizer. Thus, the quantity of bamboo required for that purpose is analyzed. Techniques with the highest development of the cucumber plant are compared as well, including treacle and bamboo versus molasses and inorganic fertilizer 10, 30, 10. The “Bamboo – Treacle” or “BAMI” technique is considered an ecofriendly alternative with effects both on the development and the quality and flavor of the fruit, we wish to make an experiment to obtain the number of degrees brix.