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Various Crystals Responding to Environmental Sound Audio

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Materials Science


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Jones, Adrienne (School: Trinidad High School)

The purpose of the experiment is to determine if the input of environmental audio/frequency selections played to various crystals will remain constant in growth during various hours of timed periods. This information is based on my last experiment to determine if my findings hold up with different situations. Pipe cleaners hold the various crystals while they develop in a supersaturated solution. They are under a variety of harmonics, musical structures, or Hertz tones. Music and various tones affect the crystals in negative and positive growth directions. Test playing Hertz scales in the audible range are also tested to tell if these variables in increase waves per second are to also to be a key in the increase crystal growth. With my results, I conclude that sounds and the manner they are played have affected the crystals. Further testing to see how sounds affect protein crystals will be explored.