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The Study and Description of Musci Mountain Tundra of the North-East of Sakha (Yakutia)

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Plant Sciences


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Balakirev, Ilya (School: Municipal Budgetary Educational Institution " Ust-Nerskaya High School")

Bryophytes play an important role in the composition and functioning of the vegetation cover of the taiga and tundra zones in the North-East of Russia, including mountain areas where they are often dominant and edificator different phytocenoses. In Oymyakonsky district, thanks to the favourable location of mineral deposits, the mining industry developed. The inevitable increase of anthropogenic, with the consequence that some species may disappear before they are identified here. To achieve this goal were the following objectives: to study literature and Internet resources on the topic; to collect material on mosses in Alpine tundra Oymyakonsky district; to define the types and to analyze the obtained results. Material for the work was herbarium, collected in 2015-17 years. The collection of mosses we started in July of 2015, together with scientists from Moscow and IBPC SB RAS, Sakha(Yakutia). In 2016, the collection was carried out on the territory of Oimyakon area. Collected more than 30 species of plants, which were also sent to the determination in Moscow. In 2017, the gathering was held on the territory of Oimyakon and MOMA districts. Were collected 59 species of mosses that have been identified in Moscow. Of particular interest in the study were called to the plant Lyellia aspera, a species listed in the Red book of Yakutia, as a rare and Grimmia fuscolutea as this plant is not revealed in Yakutia, in Russia it is a rare species, to the species of Pseudotaxiphyllum elegans, as the nature of its oceanic origin, and he was found on the mountains of volcanic rocks(Kisileri), in Russia it is found only in Kamchatka, but also to the three species found in the area of Marble mountain MOMA district.