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The Petroglyphs Attribute in Pre-Columbian of Caldera

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Behavioral and Social Sciences


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Yanguez Franco, Luz (School: Instituto David)
Yanguez Franco, Liz (School: Instituto David)

We carried out an archaeological investigation to determine if the authorship of the petroglyphs located in Caldera, province of Chiriquí, is really from the group known as the Dorasques. To verify this, we study the relationship between some cultural elements such as: petroglyphs and pottery; to then establish the link with pre-Columbian human groups. The study was conducted from May 8 to September 30, 2017, and included activities such as: visit to museums, search for petroglyphs, collection of surface sherds in situ, prospection of sherds in trenches, location of archaeological sites, registration and georeferencing of petroglyphs and archaeological sites that we found. We analyze the data and the samples using tools such as: proximity, cultural frequency of sherds and analysis of the sherds (slip, decorated and fragment function). With the help of Google Earth, we made maps that allowed us to measure distances to analyze proximity. The comparison of the sherds that we found with the pieces of the Museum of Gualaca, the Museum of the Felix Olivares Contreras School and the National Museum of Costa Rica, indicates that the authorship of the petroglyphs, is more related to the inhabitants of the pre-Columbian culture called Aguas Buenas and not with the dorasques, to whom they are attributed. The sherds collected, the presentation of the results and the registration or documentation of new archaeological sites, is a contribution of our research to science that will allow future interested to deepen this knowledge.

Awards Won:
Third Award of $1,000