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Influence of Color Dishes on Insects Capture and Composition in the Forests of the Comarca Kuna Yala, Panama

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Earth and Environmental Sciences


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Paredes, Edili (School: Instituto Cacique Olodebiliginya)

The development of this work was carried out in the forests of Panama in the community of Ustupu to determine the biodiversity of insects that are attracted with colorful dishes and in this way increase knowledge about the insect fauna of the area. Two sites were selected within the forest limits of the community of Ustupu, the first site known as Naca on the banks of the Buturgandí River and the second, Abnadina on the banks of the Sugandí River. Five colored plates of each color (yellow, red, green, blue and orange) were placed in a circular spatial distribution within the selected sites. The trap plates had a soapy solution which allows the capture of the individuals attracted by the different colors. Samples were taken for a maximum exposure of 20 hours / 4 days / 5 hours per day). The samples were preserved in vials with 70% alcohol and taken to the laboratory of the Cacique Olodebiliginya Institute for later identification. Of the 25 traps placed at both sites, a total of 783 individuals were captured, represented in 9 orders and 52 families. Of the individuals collected in the first site, the yellow dish presented the highest number of captures with 49% of the total collection, while in the second site the red dish showed the greatest abundance with 26.04% of the total . Traps yellow and red were the ones that presented abundance in our study.