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Accelerated Planarian Regeneration through the Manipulation of Frequency

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Animal Sciences


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Tame, Xena (School: Ysleta High School)

Planarians are a form of flathead worm from the Tubellaria class. Their regenerative properties are renowned. The properties of the frequency of 528Hz are being introduced into the medical field as evidence suggests that this specific frequency has the ability to repair damaged DNA. This experiment sought to underscore the regenerative aspects of the 528Hz frequency by observing its effect on the regeneration process of planarians. A grand total of 32 planarians were evenly divided into two groups: those that would receive the 528Hz frequency and those that would not receive it. The sound waves of the 528Hz frequency proved efficient in terms of accelerating the regenerative process specific to planarians. Although it takes planarians a minimum of 4-6 days to achieve complete regeneration, the difference in the amount of planarians in both groups was significant. The medicinal aspect of 528Hz may be expanded to efficiently provide another means of healing that may expand the scope of this experiment.