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Smart Walking Stick for Blind: The “Golden i”

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Embedded Systems


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Bandara, Gajindu (School: St. Anthony's College)
Wijayawardana, Kavindra (School: St. Anthony's College)

“Golden i” helps a blind person to identify the obstacles. If there is an obstacle in front of him within 3ft, the handle starts to vibrate. So he can walk carefully through the path. There is a LED indicator that automatically switches on at night time. It helps other people to identify that a blind person is approaching towards them. When the blind person drops the stick accidently, he just need to press the alert button on his hip pouch. So the stick starts to emit a beep sound and the person can find it easily. When the person is in trouble, he can press this messaging button and send a SMS to a specified relative saying that “I’m in trouble please help me”. As well as this SMS includes the Google map link so the relative can access the person’s location. There is a motion sensor. It helps the person to cross the road carefully. When he wants to cross the road, he can press a button and identify whether any vehicles are moving along the road. If there are vehicles moving, the stick starts to emit a beep sound. Also there is a wheel at the end of the stick. If necessary person can adjust the wheel and roll the wheel. Then the wheel generates a current and recharges the battery. There is a special charger to charge the device and when it plugged correctly the charger starts to vibrate. So the person can identify whether the device is charging or not.

Awards Won:
Fourth Award of $500