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Sleep Deprivation: "Are You Getting Enough Sleep?"

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Biomedical and Health Sciences


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Osburn, Corbin (School: Rural Special High School)

Around the world, sleep deprivation causes employees to be less efficient, accident prone, and costs companies profit. This occurs because when people are sleepy they don't communicate well if not at all. Worker performance also drops because they have less drive, vigilance, and a slower response time when completing tasks. This causes employees to have accidents. They also will make many more errors on the job which costs companies extra time and money, as well as increasing chance for injury and loss of productivity on the job. My science fair project measures how much sleep deprivation affects productivity. Three tests were conducted that measure balance, memory, and mental observation. I recruited test subjects and asked them to get eight hours of sleep. After an hour of being awake, the first tests were conducted, and the other round of tests were conducted after eighteen hours of being awake. The overall performance increased for the mental observation when they were sleep deprived. For balance overall performance decreased. For the memory test overall performance decreased. My hypothesis was partially correct as my project data showed an increase in performance for one of the tests but an overall decrease in performance was observed.