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Behavioral and Social Sciences


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Almubiden, Dania (School: Modern Systems School)

Discovering children psychological issues has been hindered by the lack of children ability to express their feelings and needs using words, in addition to the shortage of an efficient and scalable cost-effective method to understand children psychology without the need of an expert. Drawit novelty comes from its approach that relies on guided drawings analysis. An instrument has been developed to test the correlation between children choices and their behavioral patterns. The experiment consists of a sticker book which includes drawings of different shapes of a person body parts, and the child get asked to complete a picture of a person using the given parts. The end result should be a picture of a person, where the chosen parts represents the child psychology. A guidebook has been developed to help the layman person to understand these meanings. To test the validity of the instrument, a sample of 77 child (6-10) years old, were randomly chosen. A comparison between Drawit analysis results and testimonial of the school educational supervisor, showed a 0.73 accuracy in identifying children psychological issues. To test the reliability of the instrument, a pilot sample where randomly chosen from the original sample to conduct a test-retest, the results should high stability with 0.64 accuracy. Finally Drawit has proved to provide a new method to decode children feelings, emotions and needs.

Awards Won:
Third Award of $1,000