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Grapes Cotton

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Environmental Engineering


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Al-leimon, Obada (School: Abdullah II for Exelence Alkarak)
Al-leimon, Ahmad (School: Abdullah II for Exelence Alkarak)

The world began to use some oil derivatives instead of using natural cotton in many industries, but oil will not stay as well as Cotton crops are starting to fall. Farmers suffer from the accumulation of leaves falling trees, which leads to the collection of insects and harmful organisms under it and go without any benefit. The project works on extracting the cotton material from the dry grape leaves falling in autumn Conducting physical and chemical processes on these leaves (Note that the cost of these procedures is few, as we used household tools ) and using the material in many fields such as water filtration, production of different textiles and natural industries, and using the rest as natural organic fertilizer. The aim of the project is to positively reflect the project on the grape farms, to be satisfied with fertilizer, to find a new source of cotton, to convert paper from a non-useful material to a very useful one and to solve one of the problems that will afflict the world after the oil depletion.