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Application of Stirling Engine to Appropriate Technology

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Environmental Engineering


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Chung, Horyeong (School: Moksang High School)
Kim, Junsu (School: Moksang High School)
Seong, Jaeho (School: Moksang High School)

Our team designed a generator using environmental-friendly energy by using materials that are easily available around. Developing countries have very low electricity generation systems and very low electricity penetration rate into the home. In order to help those who are experiencing such discomfort, we have conducted experiments on solar power generators for household use. I think using Stirling engine that has the advantages of low noise and unrestricted kind of fuel is environmental-friendly and practical to generate. Above all, since it is an engine that students can easily make, there is an advantage that sufficient maintenance and repair is possible in the local area. We constructed the engine with proper technology using trash, and it is a engine that uses solar heat as a heat source. So we can supply it to a place where small power generation is needed.