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Environment Saving Biodegradable Plastics

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Plant Sciences


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Long, Dylan (School: Dexter High School)

Banana peels are a high starch fruit with a molecular composition that allows the peel to be broken down and remade into a biodegradable plastic. These plastics are an economic way to help fight pollution and to give every part of the banana a use rather than just the favored edible portions. The incorporation of biodegradable plastic into daily utensils such as plastic forks, spoons, and knives is currently the prefered idea of usage but may be incorporated in other ways upon completion. Within this experiment, I will be examining the effects of different types of usage on the usability of the plastics and the biodegradability of said item. Effects caused by usage like within that of hot or cold foods, and the effects that the creation of might have on the plastics for efficient usage. My hypothesis is that the plastics, when created using high heat will stand up as well as a normal plastic utensil and then biodegrade at the same rate as if unused.