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The Effect of Turmeric Upon the Mortality and Mobility of Drosophila melanogasters with Alzheimer's

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Animal Sciences


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Fedee, Arielle (School: Westminster Christian School)

The disease Alzheimer’s is taking over the older generations of the world. Taking this into account, research began. Turmeric was said to be a helpful seasoning that can contribute to the regression of Alzheimer’s. The hypothesis derived was If the concentration of turmeric in media for Drosophila melanogaster Alzheimer mutants increases, then the speed of the flies will increase. The two flies bred together were Artic Beta and GAL 4. After making the solutions for each vial. The derived amounts were 3.87E^-06 along with 3.6E^-04. Once the flies grew with eating the media containing turmeric the test were drawn. The results were that the turmeric sped up the mutant flies. The wild types flies were also tested to see an average time, yet there were slower than the normal flies. This connects to the world problem of Alzheimer’s, showing that turmeric may have a positive effect on the disease.