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Research of Some Electrolytes’ Water Solutions’ Electrical Characteristics

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Physics and Astronomy


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Dolmagambetov, Karen (School: #93 Gymnasium)
Nurdaulet, Taumergenov (School: Republican School in Physics and Math after Zhautykov)

Electrolytes’ water solutions that are ionic conductors can change their specific electrical conductivity as function of ambient temperature, potential difference and current frequency otherwise than metals and metal alloys. It can be used in applied engineering. The idea of this work is in dimension of the some electrolytes’ water solutions’ specific electrical conductivity. The idea was proved. The problem of electric and dielectric characteristic’s dimension in electrolytes’ water solutions of several salts and alkalis was considered in the article. The literature review points to works that solve the problem of applying knowledge about the electrical characteristics of electrolyte solutions. The product of the work is a table of experimental data, which can be used as a reference material for students and students to perform their work for direct use in basic research.Electrical conductivity, electrical characteristics, solutions, electrolytes.