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Al Yaqout, Fahad (School: Salah Edin School)

Making a device to provide the appropriate environment for a large group of plant species by providing the important factors for growth and reducing the amount of water used in irrigation. A light was developed for the growth of plants and a device was set up to provide accurate temperature that is suitable for the growth of plants that grow in a normal environment or a harsh environment , and the device was made to provide accurate humidity that can be set for the amount of humidity that the plant need , and a sensor to measure and control the carbon dioxide inside the device, Where if the carbon dioxide goes below or above the set amount a vent opens and a fan turns on entering new air with moderate carbon dioxide level , and a sensor to measure the pH of the irrigation water , and put a device that converts water to fine mist in the form of vapor so that its deposited on the roots of the plant and the plant takes the amount of water and nutrients that it needs and the excess turns into water drops and goes back into the water reservoir , thereby reducing the amount of irrigation water and recycling it .