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Robotics and Intelligent Machines


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Adekoya, David (School: Doregos Private Academy)
Nnaji, Ugochukwu (School: Doregos Private Academy)

This project seeks to address some of the present day challenges of busy executives and mothers who are always plagued with crowded schedules resulting in their misplacing many important small items such as car and house keys and searching for them at vital hours. Mothers are equally scared of going to crowded public places out of fear of their children getting lost, albeit temporary. It also seeks to assist people confronted with amnesia, especially among the senior citizens. It works on the principle of sending and receiving radio signals. The transmitter which contains a colpitts oscillator and a MPLAB programmed microprocessor PIC16F628 inserted into the keys or any property which can be easily forgotten due to its small size. When the system is power up, it waits for the chromized signals from the ‘mother’ and ‘child’ units. Once connected, the cycle is repeated every 10 seconds. The moving of either unit beyond the 12 metre radius creates impulse in the system which activates the alarm system, the property owner or as the case may be, the mother. The alert continues until it is reset and synchronized again. The buzzing of the alarm on the keys and the wrist band and the intermittent blinking of the light emitting diode on them helps the key or property owner or the mother in easy location, thereby saving precious time. This project, when well developed and implemented will bring a great relief to many busy executives, mothers amnesia challenged senior citizens. Furthermore, precious time spent on searching for missing items, emotional turmoil involved and other vital items will be saved and the frustration attached to such unnecessary searching will be totally eliminated.