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Migraine Mind

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Biomedical Engineering


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Sammoudi, Doaa (School: Al Yamoun Secondary Girls School)

Migraine is one of the most common ills among men and women but are more prevalent among women. Migraine is a sever half headache that lasts for several hours or days, it begins with strong pulsing pain at the forehead and expands to the sides of the head accompanied with visual, sensational and pronunciational disorders, most significant and important of it is the sudden rise in the heartbeat rate, and to decrease this migraine that has no cure, the patient has to take pain killers that has side effects that harms the humans health, so I invented a device that does not harm the human health and decreases the severity of the disease symptoms that includes a heartbeat sensor that sends rays to the skin and when it impact the blood existed in the skin, it reflects the rays on the device and this device counts as a pulse, thus the number of heart beats in the minutes the sensor sends to the electronic controller (Arduino) that is considered the minicomputer and controlling mind in the electronic circle, where the Arduino sends an order to the control circle as quick as the motor (I298n) which includes an order to operate the vibration motors quickly to match the heartbeats sent from the sensor to the Arduino, where the order reaches the vibration motors that performs a massage to decrease the severity of the pain resulting from the migraine seizure that the motors continue the massage to the voltage (9V). Another option not through the number of heartbeats but through an alternative control key on the side of the device that controls the massage level several times through pressing and every time the patient presses the key, the massage level differs.