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Safety Collar

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Biomedical Engineering


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Farun, Suad (School: The Orthodox School of Bethany)
Ibaidi, Sadil (School: The Orthodox School of Bethany)

According to 2011 data, 48.4% of individuals with disabilities in Palestine suffer from mobility disabilities; 49.5% in the West Bank compared with 47.2% in the Gaza Strip. Followed by learning disability by 24.7%; 23.6% in the West Bank and 26.7% in the Gaza Strip. The project of helping children with special needs in swimming is a project that addresses the feelings of children with special needs, who cannot swim along with healthy children, hence is our idea. A swimming ring that can be controlled remotely. The ring helps to balance the children in water, enabling them to swim and play with other children. This ring is like any normal swimming ring, but with an added motor that makes it act as a boat. A reinforced balloon is added to balance the ring with the help of a balance sensor in the event of any imbalance or failure. In case of any emergency in the water or in the ring, an alert will be sent to the parents by a message. At the same time, the ring will fire an alarm alerting the persons nearby to the danger to the person with the disability faces. This way, children with special needs can join other children to play, have fun and safe swim.