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The Effect of Green Tea on a Dementia Patient's Cognitive Ability

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Biomedical and Health Sciences


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Gamon, Aislin (School: Mead Senior High School)

The experimenter set out to discover whether green tea had the potential to increase the critical thinking skills and short term memory recollection through the consummation of it. The experimenter began the process by researching what studies had already delved into this idea. Research after research confirmed the experimenter's belief that green tea possessed certain chemicals that allowed it to act as a remedial and accessible treatment for dementia patients. The experimenter then laid out a two week experimentation period that tested whether the participants were making progress with and without consuming green tea; the first week acted as a control variable and allowed the experimenter to understand each participant’s cognitive ability without the inclusion of green tea through how many words a participant could find on a word search puzzle in thirty minutes. The second week was dedicated to the introduction of pure green tea into each patient’s diet and how that would affect their critical thinking and short term memory recollection skills which were again tested through word search puzzles. The experiment found that despite the fact that the data was not significant, green tea still held potential for many of the participants who improved vastly over the course of the two weeks of experimentation.