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Low Cost 3-D Printed Robot Arm

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Robotics and Intelligent Machines


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Rook, Nathan (School: Aberdeen Central High School)
Torrence, Conner (School: Aberdeen Central High School)

Robotic arms are perhaps the most important manufactured tool in the world. However, manufacturing robotic arms are very expensive, costing over thousands of dollars. The project is presenting a new low cost robotic arm made of a cheaper alternative material. The purpose of this project is to manufacture a low cost robotic arm that can be manufactured using simpler methods and be more readily available to the common individual. Also, it is to decrease labor cost and production time so it would be used in the applications of businesses, homes, and people's everyday lives. Based on the results we obtained, the 3-D printed Polylactic Acid plastic robot is easily made and put together. The cost of an industrial robotic arm ranges from $25,000 to $400,000 and the 3-D printed robot was $597.