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Computer Surgery System Development

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Biomedical Engineering


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Darrs, Obaida (School: Secondary Sahab Boys)

Foreman* Enhanced operational reality will have a very clear vision for operation, which is easy to use and command. It is connected to a computer connected to the artificial satellite to contact the surgeon in a quick and powerful manner, as well as to carry out operations in a timely manner. The patient may need a surgeon. The computer surgeon An arm developed for the operation of surgery and be connected to a computer to perform some operations alone and was placed sensitive to the field of electrical operations to work nerves on the condition that it is connected to a doctor direct contact. These wounds have weapons and surgical equipment. Assistant Surgeon This robot will be responsible for the sterilization and alteration of weapons and equipment by the surgeon Reader body shipments The readings have been modified (ECG) to make readings of the entire body not the heart but all the body