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The Mobile Ammunition

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Biomedical Engineering


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Daik, Yasmin (School: Banat Omran Basic School)
Hamada, Nada (School: Banat Omran Basic School)

A mobile vaporizer is a device that alleviates the dysfunction of the respiratory system and hard breathing. The device provides the patient with a sufficient quantity of medicine necessary to alleviate hard breathing. One of the advantages of the device is its small size, making it easy to carry and use. It is also silent and does not make any noise when working, unlike the traditional large-sized device whose generator makes it noisy. The device contains a regulator that regulates the force of the vapor, according to the need of the patient and their age group. The device also contains an alarm to alert the patient at the time of taking the necessary dose. There is also an alarm on the mobile phone of the person in charge in case the patient fails to take the dose on time, whereby the alarm alerts the person in charge that the patient did not take the dose. As such, the patient will not forget taking the dose thanks to the associated reminder. The device also contains rechargeable batteries so that it remains operational, and is easy to use for the patient wherever they are. If we had a chance to develop the device, we will add a standard that determines the percentage of medication required for each dose. This is truly needed when the patient is outside of home and has no or little medication to administer into the device, whereby the patient will be in need of a larger quantity of medication. The standard would divide the medication into a specific amount based on the patient's need, and would thus read the various biological human processes.