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EasyPool: Equipment to Help People with Motor Difficulties to Access the Pool

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Engineering Mechanics


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Enzweiler, Tais (School: Fundacao Escola Tecnica Liberato Salzano Vieira da Cunha)
Pohren, Maria (School: Fundacao Escola Tecnica Liberato Salzano Vieira da Cunha)

The lack of secure access in the swimming pools is a problem that hits a lot of people, like elderly, obeses, people with physical disabilities and temporary restrictions. This being a place that brings many cognitive, psychosocial and physiological benefits for people, besides promoting inclusion and be used for both leisure and therapy (e.g. hydrotherapy), so, it has a importance of its use for all. But it’s necessary to highlight this is dangerous for those who assist in access, it exposes them to musculoskeletal problems. To solve it, we develop and build a prototype similar to a wheelchair (making it accessible for everyone everywhere). The equipment, at the time of use, is fixed to the edge of the pool, however it has a mechanism capable to move the seat with the individual into the water, which can be controlled by a crank or motor. Beyond access, it has a differential compared to any market solution, as it is the only equipment that can move the user from and to the locker room (avoid wetting and damaging user’s wheelchair). For the equipment evaluation, were realized interviews and tests, which validated the research, confirming the operation, its relevance and impact on society. Because, through practical, safe and affordable equipment, the project, besides helping caregivers, promotes the inclusion of people who often stop using the pool due to difficulties and risks.