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Gender and Sexuality at School: Pedagogical Practices Reported by Teachers against Prejudice and Dropout of Young LGBT

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Behavioral and Social Sciences


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Antunes, Fabricio (School: Colegio Novaescola)

Prejudice on the experiences outside of heteronormativity may produce the teachers silencing thus collaborating with violence occurrence and dropout of young LGBT. In Brazil where the levels of violence are alarming, 60% of young people feel insecure when it comes to experiencing their sexual orientation in school. Due to this reality 82% of young transgender that leave school are high schoolers. In this sense the present research aims to analyze the teachers’ perceptions and challenges on the production of identities through gender and sexuality in Brazilian schools. I have used the post-critical perspective from the theoretical and methodological point of view in this qualitative study accomplished from the correlation of the following; recent survey data of Reprolatina, ABGLT, UNESCO, theories of philosophers such as Michel Foucault, Gilles Deleuze and Judith Butler, apart from the teachers’ reports collected through the Transidentidades blog where they had access to a questionnaire with five questions providing opportunities for the description of their daily life, challenges and insights on the production of dissident identities. According to the collected data the teachers pointed the issue of gender and sexuality in the school curriculum as a guarantee in dealing with the topic and they mentioned the need for more school investment in training. The threat of conservative movements on the approach to the subject was pointed out in some reports. Being the data presented here it is my intend to contribute to the discussion over gender and sexuality education, themes that are important and crucial in the teachers role when hosting and producing identities in school.