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Electronic Height Meter

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Biomedical Engineering


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Slugin, Aleksandr (School: Station of Young Technicians)

A height meter is a device for height measuring. Height meters are widely used in hospitals, kindergartens, schools, as well as at the enterprises where control over the health of the people is important. Accurate data about the height of a person allow controlling disorders in his development, to calculate the load and set the dosage of medication or vitamins in each case. It is not always interesting for children to measure their height, because it is quite a boring process, but if we can turn this activity into a game, child themselves will actively monitor their height. Our height meter attracts the attention of children with its bright design and sound effects. In contrast to the existing height meters, in this device the height of a person is measured by an ultrasonic sensor mounted on the ceiling. Further information about the height is processed by a microcontroller and displayed on the LCD-display with sound duplication. After the modernization, this height meter can be used as a device to measure the height of a vehicle before passing under various obstructions in road with height restriction. It can alert a driver, if the height of a car is greater than the maximum allowed.