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Conflict Prevention in Middle School and High School Group of Students as a Tool of Bullying Prevention (Using Example of Netishyn Secondary Schools )

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Behavioral and Social Sciences


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Maliarchuk, Yeva (School: Netishyn Secondary School No. 2)

Kids today spend a lot of time exactly at school. School is one of the most important places of the personality’s socialization. To produce the right strategy of behavior in different conflict situations it is important to know what is conflict and how people come to the agreement with themselves, other people and society. Based on the statement that the first reason of bullying is conflict and with aim to learn a school group it was proposed to evaluate psychological atmosphere in high school groups. These methods allow to evaluate psychological atmosphere in a group and to predict potential conflictogenesis and tendency to occurrence and escalation of conflict. Elaboration of methodology was accomplished anonymous which increases its safety. The research shows that student inability to communicate with each other in conflict situations is spreading in education institutions. It was suggested to application Restorative practices (Meditation, Kolo). They cope with this problem effectively. Their using in educational institutions is possible if School Understanding Organizations are created. A year later the psychological atmosphere in these groups was reassessed once again. It was discovered that there is increase favorable psychological atmosphere in these groups. If the level of conflict is low, the corresponding risk of bullying is minimal. If you prevent a conflict, you won’t have bullying!!