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NEO: The Revolutionary Smart Backpack

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Engineering Mechanics


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Khomasuridze, Aleko (School: Georgian-American School)
Razmadze, Ana (School: Georgian-American High School)

The primary aim of this project was to design a smart backpack, which we have called the NEO. My journey to creating this backpack started 2 years ago when I lost my backpack twice in one year. To prevent my backpack from being lost a third time, we installed a GPS tracker. But we didn’t stop there. We continued to add functionality to my backpack until it included not only a GPS but also: • PC capabilities • A voice-controlled search/personal assistant • WiFi security • USB charging station • Solar panels • GPS tacker • Key chain finder • Temperature sensor One of the biggest problems humanity faces is a short memory to fix that I have implemented “the voice-controlled search assistant” into “NEO” on which you can create reminders. Also “NEO” comes with a key finder which can be stick on any surface.