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Bag Safe: Natural Edible Soluble Material

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Materials Science


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Cheong, Sut Ian (School: The Affiliated School of the University of Macao)
Lei, Lok I (School: The Affiliated School of the University of Macao)

In order to reduce the generation of garbage, we have come up with some edible soluble materials - starch to make edible soluble paper, then add natural hand sanitizer, toothpaste and make bags for application, these natural soluble hand washing paper, toothpaste paper and bags are all water-soluble, and our bags can be eaten, thus reducing the environmental pollution caused by garbage. NESM is a soluble material made from sweet potato starch. It can be dissolved in water and naturally decomposed in the soil without polluting the environment. In addition, we have also tried to add natural hand sanitizer and toothpaste to the edible soluble materials to make a soluble hand washing paper and change the liquid state of the traditional toothpaste into a sheet. In addition to the application of hand soap and toothpaste, we also use purple potato starch and carrot powder to make colored edible soluble materials, and add natural okra glue to make edible soluble bags, which can be used to carry some tea leaves, small bread and coffee powder. In the future, we hope that this material can be widely used in the market to reduce the rubbish pollution of the earth