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The Effect of Social Media on Mental Health and Academic Performance

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Behavioral and Social Sciences


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Richardson, Lucy (School: St. Joseph's Academy)

The effect of social media on mental health (depression, anxiety, loneliness, eating disorders) and academic performance will be determined. Additionally, the differences between male and female responses will be compared. People who use social media will have a worse mental health (depression, anxiety, loneliness, eating disorders) and lower academic performance than people who don’t use social media. The responses of males and females will differ. High school students at a variety of different school take a survey sent to them. The survey includes questions that allow for the data collected to show how social media affects the students. The independent variable is the age and gender of the respondents and the dependent variable is grades and mental health issues. The results show that the hypothesis is correct. The analysis shows that almost all of the factors that go into the effects of social media, are statistically significant. In conclusion, social media does affect mental health and academic performance in a negative way including distraction, sleep problems, self-consciousness, delayed homework or studying, and negative mood.