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Fractal Theory in Computer Graphics: How to Create a Program for Telescope in Order to Find a Planet to Replace Earth?

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Rustamli, Emil (School: School #7 )

In modern world due to pollution and other reasons people started to look for a planet which can replace Earth. I started to research about it aswell. I have worked on planet Kepler 452b which is called Earth-twin and through my research I was able to develop a theory for creating a map of universe with pointing habitable planets' coordinates which are unknown now. This theory is based on geometric progression. But, it is not the end of my project. In order to create this map and work on it we need huge data base as well as very strong computers. Also, telescopes are not coded to search planet in this special points. Therefore I improved my project and propose you all a new idea which can make the implementation of my theory much more easier and possible. I think we can turn this map into mathematical formula with fractal-theory ( people use formulas to create some pictures) and then by working with IT-specialists we can write computer program with this mathematical formula and by applying this program on telescopes we'll be able to find new habitable planets. By doing it we'll save approximately 10 times more place in memory and it'll increase working speed of the system which is necessary for saving time and working accurately. In near future we can work and create a new assumptional maps for other planets which has valuable metals or other chemicals that we need aswell. So, eventhough my idea and project is for finding habitable planet, it's application area is infinite as well as fractals itself.