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YVDY(Your Voice Distinguishes You)

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Energy: Sustainable Materials and Design


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Alomari, Rama (School: Dair Yusouf Comprehensive High school)

Research problem: Some evidence that is presented to prove the personalities of criminals is not sufficient to prove the identity of the criminal and take long periods of time in the search for a particular criminal and his success in escaping from the security services at times Hypothesis: Searching for a specific person's voice from among multiple voices and locating it with the voice tag. research aims: 1- Making greater use of voice prints to detect crimes 2- Tracking and chasing criminals with their fingerprints 3- Thwarting attempts to escape criminals by tracing their votes A device (your voice distinguishes you) works for the search for a specific sound frequency between multiple sound frequencies, it works by programming the device on a specific sound the criminal's voice available to the criminal investigation devices then the device begins to search for the programmed sound on it and when it is found it gives a signal to the researcher such as to light a lamp Connected to the device, the lamp does not light unless a program is heard or the programmed sound is found on it or in a phrase that appears on a small screen connected to the device when the required sound is heard