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Iconographic Interpretation of the Rock Paintings of the Quilcay de Singa Complex

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Behavioral and Social Sciences


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Coaquira, Jhocelyn (School: Miguel De La Mata Beraun)

In this qualitative research work we perform an iconographic interpretation of the rock manifestations of the Quilcay de Singa complex, based on the iconographic characteristics represented in the rock shelters. In that sense, the topics addressed mainly were rock art and its basic concepts, iconography as a methodology for approaching the explanation of these artistic expressions. For the central stage of information gathering, two work phases were carried out, first it was an exhaustive analysis of the existing documentation, then study visits and data collection were carried out in situ by the Quilcay de Singa complex. The iconographic interpretation was made through a comparative chart of the figures found in Singa's cave paintings with other figures present in other archeological sites. Representations of anthropomorphous, zoomorphous, phytomorphous, geometric and represented objects have been identified, which constitute an invaluable heritage for the entire community. This type of research cannot be converted into one more text, but rather it allows to open paths for future studies. This must continue, due to the urgent need and importance of preservation and dissemination of archaeological studies in the area.