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Medical Car

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Biomedical Engineering


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Alsawalqah, Hazem
Al-Shabatat, Diya'a Alhaq (School: King Abdullah II School for Excellence, At-Tafilah)

GOALS 1-Children break the fear barrier during diagnosis 2-Diagnosis during play PROCEDURE 1- Installing weight sensors under the car seat 2- Installing a temperature sensor on the seat belt (Axillary region) 3-Attach the heart rate sensor to the steering wheel 4-Installing a camera to diagnose the face and eyes 5-Find the glasses (VR BOX) when intravenous injection 6-Conect the sensors to the screen to give vital signs and weight 7- Installing sensor for breathing the chest area of the jacket 8-providing the car with internet 9-Installing sensor to measure the electrical potential of the brain in the cap 10-Transfer of signs and symptoms through a mobile application 11-send messages to family (health in formation) MATERIALS Baby car, Temperature sensor, Weight sensor, Pulse sensor, camera, monitor screen and internet, Alarm RESULTS Easily measure vital signs ,weight and diagnose face and eyes. APPLICATION used in hospital