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Comparative Assessment on Biofuel Based on Nostoc Commune (Cushuro) and Chicken Fat

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Energy: Sustainable Materials and Design


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Raymundo Cangalaya, Janirey (School: San Mateo de Huanchor)
Rincon Tejeda, Yamileth (School: San Mateo de Huanchor)

The purpose of this research is to carry out a comparative study of two biofuels prepared based on Nostoc Commune (Cushuro) Andean seaweed found in the lagoons of the district of San Mateo and chicken fat that is recycled from the markets, it should be noted that according to newspaper, The newspaper "El Comercio" provisions that “in Peru the bird that is most consumed is chicken, it reaches 50 million chickens per month, chicken fat is thrown away, an average of 5 million chicken fat” on Biofuel produced in the laboratories of IE San Mateo de Huanchor, was certified by the Laboratories of universidad Agraria la Molina, tested on a diesel engine in Lima-San Mateo. Using the technique of transesterification and esterification of oils, we produce the biofuel based on chicken fat and Nostoc Commune. This research is experimental. It is concluded that the ecological biofuel based on Nostoc Commune (Cushuro) and chicken fat, which complies with the quality standards provisioned by the (ASTM) and is environmentally friendly, that proves the results of the renewable energy laboratory analysis of Universidad Agraria La Molina. The diesel engine of the car in the experiment worked correctly with the chicken fat-based biofuel compared to the Nostoc Commune Cushuro biofuel on a 41-kilometer journey with a gallon of biofuel, this proves and accepts our hypothesis in this research.