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#include Brain.h

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Embedded Systems


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Cancino, Jordan (School: Weslaco High School)
Ornelas, Diego (School: Weslaco High School)

#include is a project that aims to research and prototype a method in which a paraplegic or quadriplegic individual would be able to slowly regain the ability to produce movement through a sort of therapy driven by the brain. A staggering fact that prompted us to embark on this project is that in America's population alone, there is an immense amount of people who are unable to move, and in researching this challenge, we hope to provide a basis of a prototype to build and improve on. After finding ways to put together a functioning system, we proceeded to test and work out some of the kinks that come with such a daunting task, such as trying to define what point the system would activate based on the input from your brain. In end, we were able to see and identify some of the underlying problems with this method as well as, get a good idea of the kinds of new and better materials that would be ideal for achieving a fully working and helpful tool. After the completion of the testing, it was found that the solution of finding the median value would work, however, a solution based on the slope of the brain waves may be better given the circumstances.