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Multidisciplinary Study of Texao (Tropaeolum Majus) as a Source for the Construction of the Historical Knowledge and Cultural Perspective of Arequipa

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Behavioral and Social Sciences


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Huillca Loaiza, Ruben (School: 40222 Diego Thomson)
Manrique Calle, Estefany (School: 40222 Diego Thomson)

The research focused on Texao (Tropaeolum Majus), a typical Arequipa plant characterized by having no stem and crawl through the walls of the Arequipa-style platforms as a climbing plant. The laziness of the authorities, the scarce information handled by the population that resides in the city of Arequipa, added to the latent threat due to an evident reduction of the specimens due to the destruction of their habitat, has served as inspiration for the development of this work which was the product of an innovative methodological experience based on a documentary analysis of primary and secondary sources of great historical and cultural connotation as well as direct observation, interviews with specialists and the general public, in addition to the use of videos, photographs, publications on social networks of some Arequipa companies. Thanks to all this, it was possible to demonstrate that Texao is a source of historical knowledge and a basis for Arequipa's cultural and regional identity. This project proposes involving competent authorities, private companies and the general population in the preservation and study of Texao since research works on this typical Arequipa flower are scarce and isolated.