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Save Your Health by Your Kinetic Energy

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Biomedical Engineering


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Fnaish, Roaa (School: Islamic Educational College)

Given that there are many duties or jobs that need to stand or sit for a long during them such as (doctor, dentist, accountant, teacher ...)and this causes many problems, including: - It increases blood circulation problems in the body, Feeling tired, and comfortable, it leads to swollen feet and weakens blood circulation. As the muscles become very tired as a result of sitting or standing for long periods, which makes the muscles not used properly, then impedes the movement of blood circulate on in the feet,Carrying out a massage to this area (in the foot) helps to pump blood to the legs and feet, thereby stimulating the blood circulation in it, and this is done through massage starting from the toes and having a full foot effect, then up to the joint, then on the body, and the same massage steps are repeated For the other foot. The massage device at the front of the foot works with the kinetic energy produced by the person, through the piezoelectric sensors located at the bottom of the shoe, as it is pressed during the movement of the person, and this kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy and transferred via wires to the battery in the shoe as well, so this energy is preserved until it is used. In this way we can use the lost kinetic energy that is found from humans movement and using it to save their life.