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A New Faster Bike

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Engineering Mechanics


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Alas'ad, Husam (School: Irbid Model School)

This research aims to study the extent of increasing the speed of the bicycle with minimal effort by controlling the height of the bike seat, where the experimental method was used to prove this hypothesis. The tools used in this research were a bicycle two cylindrical aluminum parts a strong spring (push and pull) and a Scott handlebar the cylindrical aluminum part and the strong spring were installed inside the seat body of the bicycle to control the seat height and then test the speed of the bike with the change in seat height the Scott handlebar was also mounted on the original bicycle handlebar with the seat adjustment the bike's speed changes taking into consideration the effect of both air resistance and the player's skill on increasing the bike's speed. It has been observed that the speed of the bicycle increases with a lower effort than usual at the ramps whenever the height of the bike seat is lowered. The bike flow increases and therefore the flow of the player and the bike together work on reducing air resistance, which lead to increases in the speed of the bike. It was also noted that after adding the Scott handlebar to the original bicycle with the least effort of the player by reducing the air resistance using the parts mentioned in adjusting the seat and the handlebar, taking into account the player's skill in driving the bike and his great experience. The importance of this result lies in the benefit of bicyclists to increase their speed while moving on the ramps with minimal effort, noting the increased balance of the player on the bike while moving. I aspire to develop this idea by using lower weight parts as well as changing the seat height and low position control for a better result.