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Cultivation of Plant in Nutrient Solutions

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Plant Sciences


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Barbadillo, Nalani (School: Eastlake High School )

Agriculture is a major part of everyday life, which means when there are implications it causes a major impact on normal routines. In the past there has been instances of crops being exposed to e coli or other bacteria that destroys them. This is due to the pesticides, soil runoff, and other exposures which is why alternative cultivation methods should be investigated. One alternative is hydroponics or the growth and cultivation of plants in a more nutrient rich environment. Its counterpart would be aquaponics which is using the by product of animals such as fish as nutrients to grow the in the same water based environment. These two alternatives would be compared to normal soil based planting in order to see which poses the most benefit and most growth without effect of the "crop." Overall these two alternative methods would be compared in order to distinguish which one is better at providing for a plant, and which brings the most growth.