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Robotics and Intelligent Machines


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Ferreira da Cunha, Carla Filipa (School: Escola Profissional de Felgueiras)
Guimarães, Maria de Fátima (School: Escola Profissional de Felgueiras)
Salgado, Nelson (School: Escola Profissional de Felgueiras)

The project that we are presenting tries to counter the following problem: deaths or injuries in fires. It is based on a robot controlled remotely by firefighters which are involved in a fire, so that the safety of both the victim and the firefighter is safeguarded. This robot is capable to enter in a urban or industrial fire and gives a real vision to the firefither and show him what is beside the smoke. The robot can find victims through a thermal camera, the firefighter, outside of the building, will have access and total control. The robot will have the ability to ascend and descend stairs, so that it can access any part of the infrastructure, making a more effective search for victims. It will know how to identify people or even animals through the body temperature, so that the fireman can know where, and what to look for, before entering the danger area.